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[02 Jan 2005|05:39pm]

[ mood | creative ]

haven't updated canal_street for a while and i'm a bit bored with pretending to be vince and/or cameron (which is usually lots of fun but not when you've been doing it for approximatley 5 hours) so i figured i'd randomly put up links to the (reasonably) new LJ's even though anna knows them and smithy has not updated in decades *hard look in general smithy direction*


alexander lives at princess_savage and
cameron at phone_thrower because i was uninspired and so was vince.

please also comment with things you think cameron likes. i've decided he likes travelling, walking, climbing and lord of the rings. vince decided he liked art and shakespeare, although why, exactly is, unclear.

bowl me over with your enthusiasm everyone.

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polls [02 Dec 2004|11:17am]

[ mood | curious ]

just two questions i've been debating and i'd like answered. i know there are only 2 of you really and i could just ask you, but polls are fun.

name comes from coupling which i watched last night.

first question addresses the problem of other characters, especially since series one is going to be over so soon (thank you russel for your difficult and concentrated plot)(ugh, horrid sentence. never mind).

second question wants to know whether we should adhere to canon rigidly (which... i think we should) and what we should do when we hit the end of series 2. should vince and stuart write travel diaries? i'm tempted to say they come home quickly merely because i dont know anything about america.

tell me what you feel.

*looks all socialworker-y*

Poll #395709 Where is this relationship going?

Should I advertise the roleplay on other QaF UK boards?

Yes. I don't want to be forced to write 12 journals over Christmas.
No: it's our roleplay damnit.
Some but not all (detail in comment)

What should happen in regards to the end of series 2?

Keep going as written. BANG!
Keep going as written until Vince starts condoning Stuart shooting people. They should still go to America.
They should stay in Manchester. Canon be damned for your stupidity!
They should go to America but then come back to Manchester fairly quickly because Anna and Katy are uncultured and know nothing about America.
Something else (detail in comment)
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Timeline [02 Dec 2004|10:33am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Spent yesterday evening devising the time line (and doing the laundry but not paticularly relevent here). Turns out that Russel T Davies had very little idea what he was actually doing time wise when he wrote the series because it doesn't actually work. Logically, Vince's birthday cannot be 3 months after episode two and in episode 7 unless about a year passed in between 2 and 3. (and i'm talking in vince's proper capitalisation again. very bad sign.) anyway... i have the time line and it looks something... like this.

1/12 - Phil discovered dead.
10/12 - Phil's funeral + everything that happens in episode four. Nathan moves into Hazel's and Vince gets annoyed with Stuart for shagging Nathan in Vince's old bedroom. Conviently for the timeline he is annoyed with him for almost a week until:
16/12 Cameron asks Vince out.
17/12 Vince/Cameron 1st date + Martin Brooks (my favourite episode even though R.T Davies doesn't like it).
18/12 V/C 2nd date. Stuart visits Marie to apologise.
20/12 Stuart visits his mum.
25/12 (Christmas actually worked out very well. V touching day in our roleplay... sad thing is we're going to have to write alot over Christmas but then I'm going to do that anyway because I have planned slobbing and that's about it).
Stuart + Marie (+ Marie's kids even though they didn't in the episode) visit Stuart's parents; Vince and Cameron visit Hazel; Alexander sees his parents; Nathan almost goes home.
31/12 Stuart's dad visit's Stuart.
3/1 Cameron tells Stuart to back off.
15/1 (more than a month before I'd planned) Vince's birthday.
16/1 Hazel collects Vince's stuff from Stuart and leaves his keys behind. Stuart mopes for a week because otherwise the whole thing's over far too quickly. Nathan visits alot but is not let in.
23/1 Lisa gives Stuart the letters. Nathan visits Stuart and gets stuck in the lift alot. It is one of the best parts of the series.
24/1 The home office visit Romey and Lance. Lance is taken away. Everyone is happy even though this is morally wrong.
28/1 The Art Gallery. Stuart is turned down and gets extremely drunk. Nathan saves him and takes him home. Stuart falls asleep (which is gorgeous) and Nathan (who is growing on me) steals K9. Cameron tells Vince he loves him. It is very sad.
29/1 The return of K9 and Lunch with Stuart (which for some reason I've capitalised... it's very important though).
30/1 Vince comes out at work; Nathan has go at Christian Hobbes and goes home properly; Vince dumps Cameron and rushes off to be in love with Stuart for the rest of his life.

Thus ended series one. Other things happen to specific characters... Nathan in paticular hasn't really been described very well so just ask if you want to know *beams* I have the script book.

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IMPORTANT: Timeline [26 Nov 2004|11:34pm]

[ mood | sad ]

first important event coming up tonight/tomorrow morning. i'll have the script book soon (v excited)(yes i know i'm sad) so i can plan out when the other things are going to happen but i do know that tonight/tomorrow is the day phil cops off/cops it.
(sorry. couldn't resist mate).

i miss him already.

R.I.P. Philip Delaney

She is D, delirious
She is I, incredible
She is S, superficial
She is C, complicated
She is O, oh, oh, oh


the worst part is i'm serious. poor old phil.
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new rule. not a guideline this time. [17 Nov 2004|10:01am]

new rule, which i thought was obvious and just forgot to mention:

nobody except the characters may comment on another character's journal. this destroys the realism of thing completely.

david, i am looking at you and you have been blocked from vince's LJ so you can never comment again.

mmmmm. big brother regieme.

p.s. my mum probably already knowsCollapse )
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[16 Nov 2004|07:36pm]

two things quickly before i have to run back up to founders in order to be on time for labyranth.

first: stuart has a livejournal! this makes me happy because i am sad (mmm paradox) and he now lives at the stupendously named: king_of_canalst

second: as i'm about to post up vince's first ever post(s) thought i better add in one final rule/guideline. your characters can post privately. i.e. only they can see these entries. it makes sense that other people in real life can see these things though otherwise you wouldn't being posting them up (unless you and your character bond so well that you don't think anyone else should see their private entries)

in cases like these just stick the words private entry in bold above the post and remove commenting privaledges.

ok.... i guess i should post then.
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vince and timelines [08 Nov 2004|11:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

i know that at the moment i'm the only person in this community so this post is pretty pointless, but its community news and i'm sad dedicated.

have created vince's LJ. he now lives and writes at changing_hue so head over there to see what kind of thing i envisioned. vince's bio is... well, it was hard to write and can you tell i ran out of interests?

poor old vince pretends to like 'Doctor Who' but will not be talking about it very much in the future at all because i learnt all i know about doctor who last night.

ooh! second thing... more important thing as well.

have started work on the timeline. because i want to start writing now and neither niqistar or i are sure exactly how long we will manage to be enthusiastic about this for i've shifted everything into the present day. this isn't canon at all. there are no christmas' in teh actual series but it will just be so much easier if we write as if its now rather than the early 90's in may.

timeline to follow.

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Joining [08 Nov 2004|05:03pm]

If anyone knows how to make this post stay at the top of the community I'd appreciate that.

Leave a comment if you weren't forced into doing this by me, detailing which character you'd like to play and what their username will be.

I don't expect to die in the rush to acquire characters so you don't need to 'audition' just leave a quick note and i'll add you to the community.
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Rules [08 Nov 2004|04:24pm]

I was going to put this in the bio, but eventually it just gets ridiculous. The rules will undoubtedly change continually but at the moment the ones I can think of go something like this:

Rules and Guidelines (like the Pirates' Code)

1. 'Canal Street' operates on the somewhat dubious premisis that the QaF characters all have LJs, or acquire them as the game goes on. This means that your character should not have any contact with this community and that they should not have pictures of themselves as their icons (unless they are incredibly vain: Stuart for example might be able to get away with it).

2. It follows a largely canon plot with some major bouts of AU - namely that of the timeline. There isn't an official QaF timeline but you can tell from teh weather that it's set in either the spring or the autumn. Ours is set around winter: Phil dies just before Christmas and Vince's brithday is February the 21st.

3. Friend the other characters and respond to their posts in character (if you think you would e.g. Cameron probably doesn't have much to say to Donna, unless perhaps he's asking her about Vince's relationship with Stuart).

4. This community will be updated with plot movements etc so follow it. I'll work on this facet. It invovles making a timeline, which I will do at a later date.

5. Try to react and write like your character.

6. Posting on this community off-topic is fine (at least until we've had 50 posts about your dog Bill. Then it might have become a little old).

7. No one except the other characters should ever comment on the characters' journal... unless of course its by accident and a confused Doctor Who fan wanders onto Vince's... however, I suspect that will not happen so this is just a reminder to a) stay in character of b) do not comment if you do not have a character.

8. Guideline again this time. Your characters can post privately. i.e. so that only they can read the entries. It makes sense that other people in real life can see these things though, otherwise you wouldn't being posting them up (unless you and your character bond so well that you don't think anyone else should see their private entries). In cases like these just stick the words private entry in bold above the post and remove commenting privaledges.
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on the layout [08 Nov 2004|03:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]


have finally produced a layout that does not make me want to run away, screaming with humilation. its not quite right, but considering the general sparseness of QaF pictures on the net and considering that during the last 3 hours i have produced several layouts that looked alot worse... it will do.

a passing bystander remarked: "not bad. i'm a lover of symmetry so i'm not entirely sure i like the position of the little squares and stuff but generally i'd say it works."

so that's nice.

*hits head*

another 3 hours of my life down the toilet.

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[08 Nov 2004|01:44pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

just testing. had forgotten how ridiculously hard it is to set up a livejournal account that looks good in any way.

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