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vince and timelines

i know that at the moment i'm the only person in this community so this post is pretty pointless, but its community news and i'm sad dedicated.

have created vince's LJ. he now lives and writes at changing_hue so head over there to see what kind of thing i envisioned. vince's bio is... well, it was hard to write and can you tell i ran out of interests?

poor old vince pretends to like 'Doctor Who' but will not be talking about it very much in the future at all because i learnt all i know about doctor who last night.

ooh! second thing... more important thing as well.

have started work on the timeline. because i want to start writing now and neither niqistar or i are sure exactly how long we will manage to be enthusiastic about this for i've shifted everything into the present day. this isn't canon at all. there are no christmas' in teh actual series but it will just be so much easier if we write as if its now rather than the early 90's in may.

timeline to follow.
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