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just two questions i've been debating and i'd like answered. i know there are only 2 of you really and i could just ask you, but polls are fun.

name comes from coupling which i watched last night.

first question addresses the problem of other characters, especially since series one is going to be over so soon (thank you russel for your difficult and concentrated plot)(ugh, horrid sentence. never mind).

second question wants to know whether we should adhere to canon rigidly (which... i think we should) and what we should do when we hit the end of series 2. should vince and stuart write travel diaries? i'm tempted to say they come home quickly merely because i dont know anything about america.

tell me what you feel.

*looks all socialworker-y*

Poll #395709 Where is this relationship going?

Should I advertise the roleplay on other QaF UK boards?

Yes. I don't want to be forced to write 12 journals over Christmas.
No: it's our roleplay damnit.
Some but not all (detail in comment)

What should happen in regards to the end of series 2?

Keep going as written. BANG!
Keep going as written until Vince starts condoning Stuart shooting people. They should still go to America.
They should stay in Manchester. Canon be damned for your stupidity!
They should go to America but then come back to Manchester fairly quickly because Anna and Katy are uncultured and know nothing about America.
Something else (detail in comment)
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ooh, split reality: we write double posts.. one half following canon, one half following own ending.. if that doesnt confuse us, nothing will.. ;)

btw my split personalities couldnt agree, so i had to vote twice, sorry.
s'alright. it didn't show up ;)
excellent. although one of my personalities is going to be very annoyed... not sure which one ;)
*laughs* alright then. very difficult being you.