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Spent yesterday evening devising the time line (and doing the laundry but not paticularly relevent here). Turns out that Russel T Davies had very little idea what he was actually doing time wise when he wrote the series because it doesn't actually work. Logically, Vince's birthday cannot be 3 months after episode two and in episode 7 unless about a year passed in between 2 and 3. (and i'm talking in vince's proper capitalisation again. very bad sign.) anyway... i have the time line and it looks something... like this.

1/12 - Phil discovered dead.
10/12 - Phil's funeral + everything that happens in episode four. Nathan moves into Hazel's and Vince gets annoyed with Stuart for shagging Nathan in Vince's old bedroom. Conviently for the timeline he is annoyed with him for almost a week until:
16/12 Cameron asks Vince out.
17/12 Vince/Cameron 1st date + Martin Brooks (my favourite episode even though R.T Davies doesn't like it).
18/12 V/C 2nd date. Stuart visits Marie to apologise.
20/12 Stuart visits his mum.
25/12 (Christmas actually worked out very well. V touching day in our roleplay... sad thing is we're going to have to write alot over Christmas but then I'm going to do that anyway because I have planned slobbing and that's about it).
Stuart + Marie (+ Marie's kids even though they didn't in the episode) visit Stuart's parents; Vince and Cameron visit Hazel; Alexander sees his parents; Nathan almost goes home.
31/12 Stuart's dad visit's Stuart.
3/1 Cameron tells Stuart to back off.
15/1 (more than a month before I'd planned) Vince's birthday.
16/1 Hazel collects Vince's stuff from Stuart and leaves his keys behind. Stuart mopes for a week because otherwise the whole thing's over far too quickly. Nathan visits alot but is not let in.
23/1 Lisa gives Stuart the letters. Nathan visits Stuart and gets stuck in the lift alot. It is one of the best parts of the series.
24/1 The home office visit Romey and Lance. Lance is taken away. Everyone is happy even though this is morally wrong.
28/1 The Art Gallery. Stuart is turned down and gets extremely drunk. Nathan saves him and takes him home. Stuart falls asleep (which is gorgeous) and Nathan (who is growing on me) steals K9. Cameron tells Vince he loves him. It is very sad.
29/1 The return of K9 and Lunch with Stuart (which for some reason I've capitalised... it's very important though).
30/1 Vince comes out at work; Nathan has go at Christian Hobbes and goes home properly; Vince dumps Cameron and rushes off to be in love with Stuart for the rest of his life.

Thus ended series one. Other things happen to specific characters... Nathan in paticular hasn't really been described very well so just ask if you want to know *beams* I have the script book.
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