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I was going to put this in the bio, but eventually it just gets ridiculous. The rules will undoubtedly change continually but at the moment the ones I can think of go something like this:

Rules and Guidelines (like the Pirates' Code)

1. 'Canal Street' operates on the somewhat dubious premisis that the QaF characters all have LJs, or acquire them as the game goes on. This means that your character should not have any contact with this community and that they should not have pictures of themselves as their icons (unless they are incredibly vain: Stuart for example might be able to get away with it).

2. It follows a largely canon plot with some major bouts of AU - namely that of the timeline. There isn't an official QaF timeline but you can tell from teh weather that it's set in either the spring or the autumn. Ours is set around winter: Phil dies just before Christmas and Vince's brithday is February the 21st.

3. Friend the other characters and respond to their posts in character (if you think you would e.g. Cameron probably doesn't have much to say to Donna, unless perhaps he's asking her about Vince's relationship with Stuart).

4. This community will be updated with plot movements etc so follow it. I'll work on this facet. It invovles making a timeline, which I will do at a later date.

5. Try to react and write like your character.

6. Posting on this community off-topic is fine (at least until we've had 50 posts about your dog Bill. Then it might have become a little old).

7. No one except the other characters should ever comment on the characters' journal... unless of course its by accident and a confused Doctor Who fan wanders onto Vince's... however, I suspect that will not happen so this is just a reminder to a) stay in character of b) do not comment if you do not have a character.

8. Guideline again this time. Your characters can post privately. i.e. so that only they can read the entries. It makes sense that other people in real life can see these things though, otherwise you wouldn't being posting them up (unless you and your character bond so well that you don't think anyone else should see their private entries). In cases like these just stick the words private entry in bold above the post and remove commenting privaledges.
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