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Canal Street

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Welcome to Canal Street - our QaF roleplay centre. I started it up for a number of reasons, all of which I could waffle about for a while but instead I'm just going to copy and paste the (hopefully soon to be infamous) comment thread in which the idea was first aired. (Editted 'slightly' because i was presumably too excited to bother with making sense).

aralias (this is me. i really do talk like this): had an idea. would you be interested in dedicating alot of your life to something completelly pointless?
niqistar (not me): me? absolutely. :)
aralias: well.... idea largely sprung from two things i have been investigating on the net.

1. there is no QaF fanfictiion, or very little.

2. i desparately want to LJ roleplay. have been vagueuly looking around for a marauders era one for ages with no sucess... i could start my own but there are loads and really there is no reason for james potter to have a LJ.

3. (ok i lied about the two things) accidentually typed in "vince tyler" and clicked "username". somebody has started but then abandoned a QaF LJ roleplay.

4. i want one. do you want to be vince or stuart?

5. we can find QaF fans to be other characters or we can play the others (if second one i refuse to be nathan as he is a twat).

6. what do you think?

The same question goes to you. If you fancy being part of this I have some 'rules' (more like guidelines really) here which I suggest you read (just because it tells you how things should work) then once you're done comment on this post and let me know who you'd like to play.

The time line for series one now lives here

The people below are already taken. I have 2 because I'm greedy and not exactly bowled over with offers at this point.
(character name, character username, player username)

Vince Tyler, changing_hue, aralias
Stuart Alan Jones, king_of_canalst, niqistar
Nathan Maloney, maloneyn, smithy161
Alexander Perry, princess_savage, niqistar
Cameron Roberts, phone_thrower, aralias

Stuart/Vince is love